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Welcome to Belmont Elementary School!

Belmont Elementary School focuses on improving student achievement through educational equity. We differentiate instruction to meet the assessed needs of all our students and offer research-based interventions, enrichment opportunities that support academic advancement, STEM initiatives, and arts programming. We equip students with the tools they need to make good decisions both emotionally and physically.

Our faculty and staff work daily to build a strong culture with a learning environment that holds adults and students to high expectations for behavior, evident in our Silver PBIS status. We constantly explore new ideas and techniques that have a positive impact on our students' intellectual development and allows them to pursue their strengths. We received national recognition as one of the healthiest schools in the U.S through our Healthy Schools Alliance: Our school campus is free of vending machines, we offer fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and we are home to a fitness center for students, staff, and families.



Our mission is to provide excellence in education for every child by focusing on high quality instruction, promoting student attendance, cultivating a positive learning environment conducive to student learning that lead all of our scholars on the pathway to College, Careers of their choosing, and productive citizenship that will leave a lasting impact on their communities and abroad



Every scholar will graduate from Belmont Elementary School with strong academic foundational skills; possessing the mind and habits of good character necessary to achieve in college, careers, and inherit communities of the global future.



A proud Community School where scholars soar to great heights


Mascot – eagle 


Grades: Full Day Pre-k through Fifth Grade.

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